On becoming lifelong truth seekers

In August 2017, Prof Paul Bloom, Prof Maria E. Garlock and other scholars from Princeton, Harvard, and Yale penned a short open letter to students. They suggested that any advice they can offer be ‘distilled’ into three words – ‘Think for yourself’. They highlighted that such thinking is difficult but essential for students to progress. They […]

The Power of Empathy

We often speak of the importance of empathy, both in healthcare and management circles – however moving from talk of theories to empathy ‘in the wild’ seems to be a much trickier proposition. For it involves the onerous task of metaphorically being able to step into someone else’s shoes. The reason why empathy is difficult in practice […]

Failure as friend, not foe

We are hardwired for negativity. Part of this hardwiring is an evolutionary bi-product that helps us scan and respond  to potential dangers around us. The downside of this ‘wiring’ however is that we can have a tendency to see the world through a glass that is half empty – to worry more about what might […]