Unlocking your true potential

Strength. Speed. Agility. Precision. Whatever your sport demands of you in order to excel, you must first break down any mental barriers.

Here at McConn Psychology, our mission is to show you how to overcome any obstacle and maximise your confidence. We do this through a variety of methods that are designed to unlock your potential and put you back on the road to success.

The mind contains all of our positive attributes – determination, perseverance, focus, collaborative spirit. When working in unison, these personality traits motivate us to set ambitious goals and follow our dreams. Simultaneously, the mind is also home to constraints – anxiety, lethargy, uncertainty and selfishness, which can continue to build until they derail your personal journey.

Hello, my name’s Will

McConn Psychology is spearheaded by Dr. Will McConn-Palfreyman. I’m passionate about helping pro athletes and sportspeople to go further in their careers by delivering exceptional sports psychology consultancy.

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous high-profile organisations around the UK, including the sportscotland Institute of Sport, Scottish Golf, Scottish Rugby Union, Racing Welfare and the Arsenal F.C. Psychology Network.

Whilst your coach will provide technical and tactical training, it’s my job to help you master the psychological side of sport. By combining the two, you’ll have everything you need to succeed whilst remaining happy, healthy and in control of your expectations.

McConn Psychology

Attitude is everything

No matter what we do in life, how effectively we achieve it revolves around the kind of attitude we adopt. A goal will never come to fruition without clear strategy and unwavering commitment, but that isn’t the be-all and end-all. The pathway to the accomplishment is just as crucial, which takes into account physical health, mental wellbeing, sportsmanship and your work-life balance.

Many athletes have the drive required yet fail to look after themselves and others around them due to the gruelling nature of their training. That’s where we come in, as McConn Psychology will ensure that you never lose sight of not only your target but also your surroundings. Throughout the process we ensure you, as both an individual and an athlete, are supported along the journey. For remaining aware and respectful of your wider life helps contribute to top result within the sporting arena.

Taking first place and winning gold medals means very little if you’ve compromised your psychological wellbeing along the way. Performance isn’t just measured by your athletic prowess, you also need to ensure that you’re training, competing and winning in a healthy manner.

When you put your mental wellbeing at the centre of your career, you’re investing in a time-tested approach that’s conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Positive psychological welfare forms the foundations of physical health and performance is the framework built on it, so sports psychology is a means of making everything work together in line with your goals.

Protect your wellbeing

McConn Psychology
McConn Psychology
McConn Psychology

How we work

McConn Psychology begins the process by carrying out an analysis of your exact needs. This enables Will to gather core information that will shape further sessions, which are usually between 60 and 90 minutes and held either weekly or fortnightly. Each session will delve into strategies that promote a variety of advantages in sportspeople, such as emotional regulation and fostering concentration.

Whilst we help you to better understand sports psychology and guide your learning journey, it will be your responsibility to complete any assignments and read recommended literature. By combining these different types of education, our clients find that their learning experience becomes custom fit, and milestones are reached much more quickly.

Get in touch

I’d love to discuss your goals, so please do get in touch on 07501 950010 or fill in the contact form and let me know how I can help.